Lane closures

TMI will supply and install all Chapter 8 compliant lane closures on the National Primary and Motorway network. All closures are installed by our skilled and qualified staff using the most modern safety equipment available on the market.

Shuttle operations

TMI have extensive experience of supplying all styles of shuttle operations for works on the primary route, rural and local roads network for both urban and rural situation. Shuttles can be installed in any functional configuration  through junctions and countryside to form the safe working space which the contractor requires.

Convoy operations

TMI are fully equipped and experienced in the supply of convoy operations to create the safe working space on the most difficult areas of the road network.

Road closures and diversions

TMI has designed and installed some of the most complex and diverse road closures in the country, from closing national primary routes where the alternate route complexity creates an absolute requirement for precision in timing and signage to rural closure which extend over dozens of kilometres with different problems of carriageway suitability and signage position.  

Complex traffic management schemes

TMI has designed and installed the most complex traffic management schemes in the state, most recently the successful completion of the Newland Cross project where the traffic management design created significant construction savings for the client and was a huge success for the travelling public.

Mobile Lane closures

TMI owns a full range of vehicle attenuation systems including the newest to market 120kph system which is the highest specification available. Out truck mounted attenuation systems are suitable for all types of mobile lane closures accompanied by several complete sets of towed array signage and our fully qualified and experienced mobile lane closure staff.


Traffic Management Installations

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